Shadowing: Can This Method Help You Speak English Fluently?

source: To Fluency         2017年8月14日
Can shadowing help you speak English fluently? Watch this video to learn how to do this and why you might prefer to use another method instead.
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Shadowing has become popular with English learners. It's a method where you listen and repeat. You continue listening while you're speaking.
The biggest problem I see with this method is that you can end up with issues with your pronunciation.
You end up mumbling as you try to keep up with the natural audio.
A good test is to record yourself while shadowing. If you sound good, continue doing it. If not...
... try this instead:
1. Listen to an English phrase.
2. Repeat the phrase and record your voice.
3. Compare your version with the original.
4. Make any changes you need to make.
5. Get long-term repetition
Additionally, it's wise to improve your pronunciation before using this method.
That's how my program can help.
It gives you a pronunciation tutorial, this full method, and the phrases you need to improve.
I'll also give you feedback on your speaking.
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