Advanced Phrasal Verbs 2

source: MrSkypelessons       2017年8月16日
Here is a class that deals with chapters 11 - 20 of Advanced Phrasal Verbs from Cambridge University Press. Answer the following questions:
1) If I took you out for a meal, what could I put you down for?
2) Do you know anyone with a tendency to butt in the conversation?
3) Do you think that a global government would usher in a new age of peace and prosperity?
4) Has your electricity ever been cut off?
5) If someone insults or upsets you, do you tend to shrug it off? (Is it water off a duck's back?)
6) What kind of behaviour do you frown on?
7) What time does your work kick off?
8) How do you like to round off the day?
9) Do you have a propensity to dwell on the past?
10) Do any parts of your house/flat jut out?
11) When you were a student, did you fritter away your time?
12) What do you think the problem of drug addiction is rooted in?
13) Has anyone ever tampered with your computer?
14) What sort of things stir up memories from your childhood?
15) Is it already getting on a bit in your town?