Still & Yet

source: Crown Academy of English     2017年8月15日
What is the meaning of "still" in English? What is the difference between "still" and "yet"? - This English lesson answers both of those questions.

“still” is an adjective.
It describes something that is not moving. Something that is static and stays in the same position.
Example: Please be still while I take your photograph.
Another common example as an adjective is "still drink"
This is a drink that is not fizzy. A still drink is a drink without bubbles or gas.

“still” is also an adverb in English. More specifically, it is an adverb of time.
We use "still" to indicate and emphasise that something is continuing.
A situation has NOT finished, perhaps surprisingly.
Example: I still have a headache.

The position of “still” in a sentence depends on the type of verb:
If the sentence has a main verb, "still" comes immediately before it.
Example: I still watch cartoons.
If the sentence has an auxiliary / modal verb, "still" goes in the middle position between the auxiliary / modal and the main verb.
Example: He is still waiting for the bus.
Finally, if the sentence has the verb "be" as a main verb or linking verb, then "still" goes after the verb "to be".
Example: I am still tired.

There are 3 structures which mean the opposite of "still"
“no longer” - I'm no longer living in Bristol.
“not any more” - I'm no longer living in Manchester any more.
“not any longer” - I'm not living in London any longer.

"still" with negatives in the present perfect
We often use "still" with negative sentences in the present perfect to describe a situation that should have happened, but it has not happened.
Example: I still haven’t found my keys

still or yet
We use “still” to describe a continuing situation:
Mark and David still play video games together.
(They continue to play video games together.)

We do NOT use "yet"
Mark and David yet play video games together. (wrong)
There are other explanations and examples in the video.
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