English phrases to describe your ‘BOSS’

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2017年10月8日
In our daily conversation, we often talk about our seniors, managers or bosses. When we want to describe them, we use common adjectives like ‘god’, ‘nice’ or ‘mean’. In this English speaking lesson, you will learn a few phrases that you could use to talk to your boss.

Crack the whip: Dominating or demanding work from subordinates
Example: Rachael is fed up of her manager as he always cracks the whip.

In the driver’s seat: Someone who makes all the important decisions or calls the shots
Example: Even if my marketing plan is great, ultimately my manager is in the driver’s seat.’

Breathe down one’s neck: Someone who constantly watches your moves
Example: We wish our manager shifts to another department. He always breathes down our neck.

Separate sheep from goats: Someone who keeps deciding which employees are good and not so good or bad
Example: Our boss is known for separating sheep from goats.

Give someone a pat on his back: Someone who appreciates effort
Example: Our manager acknowledges hardworking people and always gives them a pat on their back.

Give someone a free rein: To give someone the liberty to make decisions
Example: My team leader gives us a free rein for most of the projects.

Twist someone’s arm: To force someone to do a task
Example: We have a cooperative floor supervisor. He never twists our arm to do tasks that are not ours.

Go-getter: Aggressively inspiring people who do whatever it takes to achieve their goals
Example: My boss is the most inspiring person I have ever met! He is a complete go-getter.