Causative verbs GET and HAVE

source: Your English Web       2016年4月12日
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1. to get/have + object + infinitive
-Jenny got her boss to give her a raise. (make/persuade)
-My boss had everyone work extra hours. (order/instruct)
-I'll get Peter to give you a lift to work. (make/persuade)
2. to get/have + object + past participle (passive: have done) 
-Sally is having her wisdom teeth removed next week.
-I must have/get the TV repaired.
-I'll get/have your car serviced for you.
3. to get/have + object + ~ing (make start)
-Pete can't seem to get the car going.
-We didn't go out in the boat because I could get the engine going.
-Can you get the BBQ going?

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