Interesting English Phrases to say 'Someone is Pregnant'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年12月11日
This English speaking lesson will help you learn new vocabulary and English phrases to announce someone is pregnant.
Complete Lesson Transcript:

Expecting:  My sister in law is expecting her first child.

Carrying a child: Benny is carrying John’s child

Preggers/Preggo  (slang terms): I heard your wife is preggo!

Up the duff –This term is used to describe an unplanned pregnancy.
My neighbour got Jessica up the duff.

In the pudding club:  Did you know, Amy’s in the pudding club?

Up the spout  (Scotland): She’s up the spout again

Have a bun in the oven: We heard Ben’s got a bun in the oven

Knocked up: (Not very polite: This phrase is used among teenagers especially with teenage pregnancy)
The guy didn’t use protection and got this girl knocked up.

Eating for two: This is considered to be an old fashioned advice but also a good phrase to use to announce the big news.
Nancy is been eating for two now!

In the family way: This is a very formal way of talking about a woman who is pregnant and is quite an old idiom which is actually dying out.
Mary’s in the family way and is due to deliver on May 19th this year.