How Can You Learn English Alone? Self-Study Plan! Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with         2017年12月23日
In this video, Alisha answers 14 questions.
- How do native speakers use "to have"? I have seen, I've, I have got. Formal and informal?
- Can you explain "through," "thorough," "though," and "thought"? They sound similar.
- What does "love to hate" mean? When can I use it?
- When can I use "ever" in a present perect sentence? (Like "I have ever")
- What does "dash" mean and when can we use it?
- What's the difference between "several," "sundry," and "various"?
- How do we use "well" before someone starts speaking, and "though" after they speak?
- I want to study at home (self study). What should I do?
- What does "uncountable" mean?
- What's the difference between "look into my eyes" and "look me in the eye."
- I like to take naps. I like to go for walks/I like to take a nap. I like to go for a walk. Difference?
- How do we write a good paragraph?
- Why is it called the present perfect tense if it refers to the past?
- I would like to know how to use "down," "up," "off," "in," "on," and "out" after a verb and why it's necessary.
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