Listening Practice Part 2: 14 Intermediate Level Topics

source: Helena Daily English      2017年3月5日
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New words:
1. Decent housing: housing of an acceptable standard; livable housing
2. Staff: employees
3. The work team I led: group of workers I was responsible for
4. Appreciating: being thankful for
5. An affluent country: a wealthy country
6. Offered their food, space, and hearts: gave us food, a place to stay, and kindness
7. Was assigned to: was sent to work in; was given a job in
8. On the site: at the place (where they built the
9. A sense of fulfillment: a feeling of accomplishment
1. Mascot: an animal that is a team’s symbol of good luck
1. Prodigy genius: person with great ability
2. Gifted: talented
3. Recitals: performances by music or dance
4. Accompanied by: along with; together with
5. Released: made available for sale
6. Acoustic: a musical instrument that is not