10 (Advanced) English Words You Are Probably MISpronouncing! | Pronuncia...

source: mmmEnglish      2018年1月18日
In this English pronunciation lesson, I'll show you how to pronounce some advanced English vocabulary that is difficult to pronounce (sometimes, even for native English speakers!)
Let's practice: (I speak with an Australian English accent)
- Pronunciation
- Chaos
- Specifically (Realistically, Strategically, Politically, Logically, Democratically, Artistically, Economically, Chaotically)
- Prestigious
- Mischievous **YIKES** (spelling mistake in the video... Right after I said "it's often spelled incorrectly too"!! 😅😂)
- Triathlon
- Quinoa
- Acai
- Genre
- Espresso, Escape, Especially

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