How to Enhance Your Listening Skills | 5 AWESOME TIPS

source: Interactive English       2017年9月16日
"Can you repeat that?" / "I don't understand." / "What does that mean?"
You may recognize these statements because this is what we often say when our listening skills fail us. Listening, arguably, is the MOST IMPORTANT language skill. We are exposed to listening more than anything else. That's why we should always try to improve our skills.
When it comes to language learning, listening has always been my greatest challenge. It's easy for me to tune out, not pay attention, or just smile and nod my head. But if we truly want to learn a language well, we should try to accept it as a second language and not think of it as just a foreign language. Therefore, we should continuously practice our listening skills to help make us more confident and capable language learners.
In this lesson, we'll talk about 5 different tips to help you enhance your listening skills. Follow this advice, and you're English fluency is sure to improve. Afterwards, you'll no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves.