A Random English Lesson with an Important Message at the End

source: To Fluency      2018年1月20日
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The key lesson: get rid of what you don't need; get organized; find a study routine that works for you and make progress with your English.

- This might take some time = this might take a long time
- This is something I've wanted to do for a while = present present
- Get rid of something = throw out / delete
- To try and clear this sinus problem = to get rid of this sinus problem
- They were giving away free car washes (great phrasal verb)
- Soon the word got out = soon, everybody knew about this
- I vacuumed out the car = vacuum out for enclosed spaces
- I didn't feel like doing anything = I didn't want to do anything
- If you've picked up on... = if you have noticed...

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