How to Reach Advanced Level Through Self-Study? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with      2018年1月20日
In this video, Alisha answers 8 questions.
- How to stop translating meaning english on the head when have any situation?
- What do you do on your days off?
- What is the difference between ""famous"" and ""popular""?
- Since I quit my IELTS course because I've done with the exam, I don't know how to improve my English right know. Could you please give me advice?
- ""I'll help you studying"" and ""I'll help you to study"". What's the correct one?
- I wanna ask about should i use singular or plural verb BE after colloquial names?
- Sometime I watch movie and some character will said ""U wish!"" with very angry attitude , or ""i wish"" in the other situation, can i know what those two sentences mean and how to use them?
- Could you explain what the expression ""try as I may"" means ?

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