Difference between – There, Their and They’re (They are) – English Gramm...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2018年1月15日
A very common mistake made by students of English while learning English is the difference between the words There, Their and They’re in written English. This mistake happens because these words sound the same and students as well as native speakers get confused with the context they are used while writing English. Now such words which sound the same but have completely different meanings are called Homophones in English.
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There is the exact opposite of the words Here. It means something is far from you, but not here.
• Where are my glasses?
• They are over there on the table.
There is also used to show that something exists, or to express existence.
There are many students studying in this college.

There is used to show possession, in other words it expresses that something belongs to someone.
• Their new apartment is big.
• Their children are quite naughty.

They’re –
The word they’re is a contraction of They + are.
• I think they’re crazy.
• They’re talking so loudly in the library.