Prepositions - How to Use To, In, and At

source: Oxford Online English       2017年6月20日
In this lesson, we’re going to look at the English prepositions to, in and at. You can learn how to use the English prepositions to, in and at in spoken or written English.
A good way to understand and learn the difference between English prepositions is to look at them in groups. That way you can compare and contrast them. We’re going to look at to, in and at together because they can be used to talk about place.
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In this lesson, you'll learn how to:
- Use 'to' when you want to talk about movement.
- Correctly use 'in' to explain being surrounded by something.
- Find ways to use 'at' when you want to describe the opposite of movement.
- Recognize differences between 'to', 'in', and 'at'.
- Understand grammar exceptions to these rules.

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