5 Signs of a Bad Work Environment - Interview Red Flags

source: Linda Raynier       2017年3月1日
I discuss 5 interview red flags for job seekers that indicate a bad work environment. If you’re thinking of taking a job offer or considering joining a new company, beware of bad employers. You want to know what hiring red flags look like to ensure you avoid a bad work environment.

In this video, I talk about:
Red flag #1: They’ve had multiple people turn over in the job in a relatively short period of time.
Red flag #2: You just have a “feeling…”
Red flag #3: The hiring managers don’t seem excited
Red flag #4: The company is not doing well financially
Red flag #5: Overly enthusiastic HR employees that don’t know how to take “no” for an answer

Be sure to watch the video ‘til the end and figure out whether you should accept or reject that job offer with the company you’ve been on the fence about!