Silent Letters in English - English Pronunciation Lesson

source: Oxford Online English    2018年3月8日
In this lesson, you can learn about silent letters in English. Silent letters are important for good English pronunciation, and comprehension. Think about words like know, climb, or answer. They all have silent letters: letters which are written, but not pronounced.
Do you know which letters are silent in these three words?
In this lesson, you’ll learn more about silent letters, so that your English pronunciation can be clear and correct! Leave us a comment and let us know which silent letters you need more practice with!

This lesson will help you:
- Find helpful ways to pronounce silent letters in English.
- Understand some words that have silent letters at the beginning of a word.
- Learn about words that have silent letters in the middle of the word.
- Learn more about words that have silent letters at the end of the word, and how to properly pronounce them.
- Understand how silent letters can change the pronunciation of words in English.
- Learn more about what silent syllables are in English.
- Improve your overall pronunciation using silent letters in English.