Executive Job Search - 7 Steps to Land a Senior Management Job

source: Linda Raynier       2018年2月28日
In this video, I’m talking about the topic of executive job search strategies, specifically focused on senior manager level roles. Perhaps you are a current manager or senior manager but have bigger dreams to one day be an executive at the senior leadership, director, or c-suite level. I will provide you with deep dive training on how to achieve a senior management position.

Specifically, I give you 7 steps that will help you to land a senior management job.
1. Know where you’re going – have a vision.
2. Implement a “top performer” mindset.
3. Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
4. Put yourself out there; network the right way.
5. Keep developing yourself personally and professionally.
6. Seek out mentors.
7. Keep record of your accomplishments.