How to use THOUGH in English? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with      2018年3月10日
In this video, Alisha answers 8 questions.
- Hi Alisha. I want to know what does thou mean. For example, ""it is very expensive thou"". I see that word ""thou"" end of sentence very often.
- Whats the difference between tenant and lodger? when we talked about a person who rent a house or live there without paying, is there difference?
- What does mean ""well for one""?
- I want know about the difference between: I have no idea and I don't have idea. When can I use NO or DO NOT?
- When we use the word ""would""?
- If the word ends by ed like far-fetched or mixed the ed sounds like T sound or D sound?
- What does ""I'm yanking a chain long terms of you"" mean?
- I wanna hear u speaking Japanese plzzz!