Describing a bad day at work

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2014年6月26日

1. Can't stand office politics -- unable to bear or can no longer take something. It is beyond your tolerance level.
2. kissing up : butter up someone. When you want favors from influential or important people in your office, you speak very sweetly and sugar coat your words.
3. call the shots -- to make important or big decisions.
4. to move up the ranks -- to climb the career ladder.
5. boss always tries to micromanage -- to have a strict control/excessive control
6. breathing down my neck- too watch too closely in a way that annoys you.
7. I'm spread too thin -- to handle too many things
8. salary and benefits leave a lot to be desired -- highly unsatisfied
9. to be done yesterday- immediately
10. wrap up- to conclude/ finish