Talking about Alcohol & Drinking in English (Advanced English vocabulary)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2014年6月5日
Vocabulary related to drinking liquor:
Sober - Before a person drinks any alcohol, they are sober.
Bartender - a person who serves alcohol, usually alcoholic beverages behind the bar in a licensed establishment.
Brewski -- It is slang word used for cold beer.
Pitcher / Pint -- Pitcher is a large jug of beer, whereas a pint is a small bottle of beer.
Heavy Drinker - A person who drinks a lot of liquor
Aperitif - a small drink of alcoholic liquor taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal. It helps develop a good appetite.
Cocktails and Mocktails - Cocktails is a mixed alcoholic drink that requires mixing either with one type of alcohol with juices, soft drink and other fruits juices or mixing multiple alcoholic drinks with juices or ice tea.
Mocktail is any mixed drink that does not have alcohol. The name mock tail is derived the word 'mock' meaning to "imitate or mimic" referring to mock tails imitating a cocktail as it seems very similar to a cocktail but does not have alcohol or any other spirits.
On the rocks- Whisky served undiluted with ice cubes.
Neat -- neat is to drink alcohol straight up without diluting with any juice or beverage.
Shot -- Alcohol served undiluted in small glasses.

Phrases to talk about someone who is drunk:
Tipsy -- When your are slightly drunk you feel a little unsteady, staggering, or foolish from the effects of liquor.
Bombed -- when one is highly intoxicated by drinks.
Three sheets to the wind -- This is a popular phrase used for someone who is extremely drunk. It is mostly a sailors language.
Plastered - Being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink.
Hung-over -- The sickness caused by drinking excessive alcohol.