Talking about MOVIES in English

source: English Lessons with Adam [engVid]   2014年2月17日
# vocabulary:
--genre: such as sci-fi, science-fiction, documentary, etcetera.
--a "chick flick" (a very emotional movie)
--"bromance" (a romance involving bros, brothers, two guys who might be a little bit too close to each other. They're not gay, they're just two good friends.)
--a "romcom" (a romantic comedy)
--"Cut to the chase" (Get to the point, get to the exciting part, get to what you need to say. Don't waste time.)
--"That's a wrap." (Meaning finished, we're finished, we're done, let's move on to the next thing.)
--An "A-lister" is a very top level celebrity; actor, actress, musician, etcetera.
--box office (smash)
--sequel / prequel