How to Feel Less Shy Speaking English

source: Oxford Online English    2016年2月22日
Do you feel nervous or shy when you speak to others in English? Is it worse when you speak to native speakers? Does this stop you using and practising your English? Yes, yes, and yes? This video will hopefully help you.
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Shyness and nervousness are natural, but they also make it more difficult to speak. If you feel shy, you might not think of things to say, or you might not remember to use grammar or vocabulary correctly.
To deal with feelings of shyness and nervousness when speaking English, you need to:

1. Remember that just speaking to someone and having a conversation isn't a big deal--people do it every day.
2. Remember that you aren't really taking a risk by starting a conversation in English.
3. Wear a mask: act confident, even if you don't feel it.
4. Don't think too much about your grammar and vocabulary if you're just trying to chat with someone.
5. Realise that although you can't help feeling nervous or shy, you can choose how you respond to these feelings.