Learn 10 Easy 3-Word Questions in English

source: Learn English with Rebecca      2017年3月3日
"What's the catch?" "Care for another?" "Have you met?" Improve your English conversation skills easily and quickly using these ten short questions. Once you start to use these in your speech, you will sound more like a native speaker, because they are all so commonly used. Since they are short, they are easy to learn too! We use these questions at home, at work, and in social situations. If you have been in an English speaking country or watch English television, you've probably already heard these questions, but you might not understand what they mean. I'll explain each expression, give you examples of how they are used, and let you practice them in a short exercise with me. I believe that by the end of this short video, you'll be able to use these standard questions yourself. Have fun learning these and good luck with your English learning!
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