4 things you need to know to understand Americans - English pronunciation...

source: Speak English with Christina       2018年1月16日
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1. What do you” sounds like /whuhduhya/or /whutcha/
2. We don’t always use auxiliary verbs. We say things like "You have a problem?" for "Do you have a problem?" and "They leaving tomorrow?" for Are they leaving tomorrow?"
3. Present perfect simple is often optional. In American English we often just use the past simple, as in “Did you buy the house yet?” instead of “Have you bought the house yet?”
4. /t/ sounds like /d/...or disappears: "This little city’s pretty!" doesn't sound like Lit-tle. Ci-ty. Pre-tty. It sounds like /luhdduhl/, /sihddee/, and /pruhdee/. But in words like "twenty", the /t/ sound disappears, as in /twuhnny/