How to Use English Modals? Can vs Could! Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with       2018年2月3日
In this video, Alisha answers X questions.
- How can we say ""th"" natually? Sometimes I cannot stick out my tonge too much when speaking. For example can say something in a long sentence quickly.
- How do you pronounce? ""I shouldn't 've done it. I couldn't 've done it. I wouldn't 've done it. Thank you.
- Can we use ""could"" for future?
- Hi again! My question's about ""can"" and ""could"". when I wanna use these for asking something, it's a little bit confusing. How (can/could) I use them in the right situation? ""Would' and ""might"" are they similar? So, both of them consist of possibility?
- Hi. How to pronounce 'I'd like' vs 'I like', please? Thank you so much!
- How can I pronounce words like (important , written , mountain) with an American accent?
- Hi alisha, what is the difference between ""Tonight"" & ""This night""?
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