Interview: Could you please describe a typical wedding in your country? (Top Notch 3, Unit 7-3)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: describe a wedding; discuss holiday traditions
* grammar: adjective clauses

# video script
Interviewer: You’re from Germany. What is a wedding like in Germany?
Jessica: Well, fist of all, you have to have a civil ceremony where you go to the City Hall, and ... well, you make everything official. And then traditionally, you go church and have the religious ceremony.
Interviewer: And is there a wedding reception afterwards?
Jessica: Usually there is, of course. After church when everybody’s waiting for the broom and the bride coming out and throwing rice at them and flowers, and then the whole crew’s going to a nice place and having dinner and having a party.
Interviewer: You mentioned that your family is originally from Ghana.
Emma: Yes.
Interviewer: Could you tell me a little bit about the courtship and marriage ceremonies of your country?
Emma: There’s a traditional ... sometimes they do involve, like the American type of wedding, the very traditional. You walk down the aisle. But they also, there’s also the traditional part in African culture. You wear the clothing and the outfits. It’s much longer. Sometimes it can go into the next day. Some people extend.
Interviewer: Tell me about the reception.
Emma: They find a place to go to, or it’s outside sometimes, there’s a big tent. It just depends on the bride and groom, what they want. And there’s tons of dancing, traditional dancing, eating, lots of food. Sometimes you have somebody come in and talk about how they know him and how good he is and what he’s done and, you know, people giving lots of wisdom of how to be together. It’s just ... it’s just really a great thing.