Sitcom: I want a large wedding (Top Notch 3, Unit 7-1)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: describe a wedding; discuss holiday traditions
* grammar: adjective clauses

# video script
(In the café, Marie helps Cheryl and Bob plan their wedding.)
Bob: I don’t know. I didn’t know that planning a wedding would be so hard.
Cheryl: Marie, could you give us your opinion on a few things?
Marie: I’d love to!
Cheryl: First, how many people should we invite? Bob wants a small wedding.
Bob: Twenty guests would be nice.
Cheryl: I want a large wedding. About 300 people.
Bob: Three hundred?! Yesterday you said 200!
Cheryl: I have a lot of relatives who want to come.
Bob: Then there’s the location. I always thought I would get married in a park or at the beach.
Marie: That’s so romantic!
Cheryl: I would like to get married indoors, where I won’t get wet if it’s raining.
Marie: That makes sense.
Cheryl: I prefer traditional music in the ceremony.
Bob: Contemporary music.
Cheryl: I’d like a long ceremony, and a short reception.
Bob: I want a short ceremony, and a huge celebration afterwards.
Cheryl: I want a white cake.
Bob: And I want ...
Marie: A chocolate cake, I know.
Bob: How are we ever going to agree on this?
Marie: Don’t’ hurt yourself. Here’s an idea that might work. Plan a wedding that’s big enough to include all of Cheryl’s family ... sorry, Bob ... in the part on Oak Street that has that building where you can go if it rains. You can have traditional music in the ceremony and contemporary music at the party, and you could have two cakes at the reception--one white and one chocolate.
Bob: Sounds OK to me.
Cheryl: Yeah! I’m so happy.
Marie: Excuse me.
Cheryl: OH, Marie, thank you so much.
Bob: You’re amazing! WE couldn’t have it without you.