(Top Notch 3, Unit 10-1)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: warn about risks and dangers; describe the natural world
* grammar: prepositions of locationtoo + adjective and infinitive

# video script
(In the café, Cheryl and Bob ask the rest of the Top Notch Travel staff to help them decide on a location for their honeymoon.)
Cheryl: Everyone, we’d like to ask your opinion about something.
Mr. Evans: What is that?
Cheryl: We’re trying to decide where to go on vacation after the wedding, for our honeymoon.
Bob: WE thought you might be able to help us decide on a location.
Mr. Evans: An excellent idea. Where are you thinking of going?
Cheryl: Well, Bob doesn’t really like to travel, so he’s agreed to go wherever I want to go, as long as the hotel has nice bathrooms and a TV.
Mr. Evans: That sounds fair. What’s your first choice?
Cheryl: I’ve always wanted to go to Cozumel, off the Yucatan Peninsula.
Paul: Cozumel is spectacular. The island itself is pretty flat, but the beaches are beautiful and the ocean is o blue.
Marie: Aren’t there too many sharks to go swimming there?
Paul: No! It’s very safe. What? Oh! But it’s somewhat overrated.
Bob: You just said ...
Mr. Evans: What else are you thinking of?
Cheryl: What about Tierra del Fuego in the south of Argentina and Chile?
Paul: The scenery is extraordinary! The mountain ranges and national parks are breathtaking.
Marie: But in June, won’t it be too dark to do very much?
Paul: No! Plenty of people go there in June to go skiing or ... But, of course, it’s probably not romantic enough for a honeymoon.
Cheryl: I’ve heard the jungles and rain forests in Malaysia are a must-see.
Paul: They’re so lush.... Of course, some people feel that the scorpions make it too dangerous to hike.
Bob: We could go to that hotel on Grand Street along the river.
Cheryl: stay in town? For our honeymoon?

Bob: Well, I heard the rooms have really nice bathrooms and big televisions.