Sitcom: I want to go someplace different. (Top Notch 3, Unit 5-1)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: express fear of disasters; reassure someone; convey a message
* grammar: indirect speech

# video script
(Mr. Evans tries to come up with a place for Mrs. Beatty’s vacation--a place that does not have natural disasters.)
Mr. Evans: So, Mrs. Beatty, you’re looking for an exciting place for your next vacation.
Mrs. Beatty: I usually travel to major cities in Europe, but this time I want to go someplace different--someplace away from the city--as long as it’s safe.
Mr. Evans: How about California? The Big Sur area is spectacular.
Mrs. Beatty: California has lots of earthquakes, doesn’t it?
Mr. Evans: Well, they have earthquakes occasionally, but not very often.
Mrs. Beatty: But it does have earthquakes.
Mr. Evans: Yes.
Mrs. Beatty: I’m not going.
Mr. Evans: OK. How about someplace in Asia? A beach in Thailand? Ko Chang has beautiful beaches, and it’s very quiet there.
Mrs. Beatty: A quiet beach sounds nice. But they said on the news there’s a nonsoon in Thailand.
Mr. Evans: But the monsoon will be over by the time you go.
Mrs. Beatty: What else can you recommend?
Mr. Evans: Australia. The Australian outback is amazing.
Mrs. Beatty: I’ve heard they have tornadoes in Australia.
Mr. Evans: Well, some parts ...
Mrs. Beatty: Where else?
Mr. Evans: Jamaica?
Mrs. Beatty: Hurricanes.
Mr. Evans: South Africa?
Mrs. Beatty: Floods.
Mr. Evans: Hawaii?
Mrs. Beatty: Landslides.
Mr. Evans: You know a lot about natural disasters, don’t you, Mrs. Beatty? Let’s see. What about Finland?
Mrs. Beatty: Finland?
Mr. Evans: It’s wild, beautiful, and very different from other parts of Europe. And nothing bad ever happens in Finland.
Mrs. Beatty: Finland sounds good. I’ll go to Finland.
Mr. Evans: Great. I’ll book your tickets.