(Top Notch 3, Unit 2-2)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: describe symptoms; show concern
* grammar: modals may, mightmustbe able to

# video script
(Dr. Anderson comes to examine Paul.)
Dr. Anderson: Say “Ahhh.”
Bob: Cover your face, doc.
Paul: Ahhh.
Dr. Anderson: Well, you have a cold, that’s for sure.
Cheryl: What about the other stuff? The pain in the back and the side...?
Dr. Anderson: Have you taken any medications lately?
Paul: Just some over-the-counter stuff--pain killer, cold tablets, nasal spray.
Dr. Anderson: That sounds OK.
Paul: And some cough medicine, vitamins, antacid.
Dr. Anderson: That’s a lot of medicine.
Paul: And some decongestant.
Dr. Anderson: That’s too much medicine in one day.
Marie: That must be why you’re feeling so bad.
Dr. Anderson: Have you been around anyone else who’s sick?
Paul: My friend Don has had a cold all week. We lifted weights last night for aobut an hour and ran five miles. He had to walk the last mile.
Dr. Anderson: Is that your usual exercise routine?
Paul: Yep. I started it yesterday.
Dr. Anderson: Well, that explains it. You exercised too much.
Paul: That’s all?
Dr. Anderson: That’s all.
Bob: A little chiropractic treatment might help you.
Paul: Stay away from me.