(Top Notch 3, Unit 5-2)

source: Dương Thu Thuỷ / Pearson Education, INC  2015年3月3日
* social language: express fear of disasters; reassure someone; convey a message
* grammar: indirect speech

# video script
(After Mr. Evans has booked Mrs. Beatty’s vacation, something happens that changes Mrs. Beatty’s mind.)
Mr. Evans: OK, I just booked your tickets to Helsinki, Finland. You’ll be staying at the Palace Hotel.
Mrs. Beatty: That’s great.
Marie: Excuse me, Mr. Evans?
Mr. Evans: Yes, Marie?
Marie: Mr. Woods is on the phone. He told me to tell you it’s urgent.
Mr. Evans: Urgent?
Marie: He’s traveling, you know.
Mr. Evans: Yes?
Marie: He said there’s some kind of epidemic.
Mr. Evans: What kind of epidemic?
Marie: It sounds like it’s that new influenza.
Mr. Evans: But he was vaccinated for that before he left.
Marie: I know. But he told me to tell you that he wants to fly home today.
Mr. Evans: On the Internet it says only three people are sick. That is not an epidemic. And it’s not like anybody’s dying from this flu.
Marie: He said he didn’t want to be the first.
Mrs. Beatty: Where is he traveling, may I ask?
Marie: He’s in Finland.
Mrs. Beatty: Finland? I just booked tickets to Finland!
Mr. Evans: Mrs. Beatty, everything will be fine. You’ll get vaccinated, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
Mrs. Beatty: I’m not going to Finland. You told me nothing bad ever happens in Finland.
Mr. Evans: Mrs. Beatty, I can’t think of anywhere in the world you can go and be completely safe. Right here in this city you could go outside and get hit by a bus. But you can’t let that stop you from doing the things you want to do. Look, why don’t we go to lunch and we’ll talk it over?

Marie: I don’t think she’s going anywhere.