Interview: Do you live in a house or an apartment? (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 7-2)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha / Pearson Education, INC   2010年10月3日
* social language: Describe a home
* grammar: There is/areQuestions with where

# video script:
Interviewer: Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Rob: I live in an apartment.
Chris: I live in a house.
Christiane: I live in an apartment.
Interviewer: And do you have a large living room?
Catherine: I would say medium-sized.
Interviewer: And what sorts of furniture do you have in your living room?
Rob: We have a sofa and a lounge chair an a coffee table and a television set.
Interviewer: Does your apartment have a lot of windows?
Emma: Actually in every room thee is a window.
Interviewer: Does your apartment have a balcony?
Christiane: No, my apartment does not have a balcony.
Interviewer: How about a garden?
Christiane: We do have a backyard.
Interviewer: What appliances are there in your kitchen?
Chris: We've got a cooker, a microwave. We've got a fridge and a freezer, but in fact we've got everything apart from a dishwasher.
Interviewer: And a cooker. What's a cooker?
Chris: A stove.
Interviewer: Do you like your apartment?
Rob: I love my apartment.
Christiane: Yes, I like my apartment a lot.
Interviewer: And why?
Christiane: Because I painted it in my colors, and it's my home and my little castle.