Sitcom: Welcome to my new apartment. (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 7-1)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha / Pearson Education, INC   2010年10月3日
* social language: Describe a home
* grammar: There is/are; Questions with where

# video script:
(Cheryl's mother comes to visit Cheryl at her new apartment.)
Cheryl: Hi.
Mother: Hi.
Cheryl: Welcome to my new apartment, Mom!
Mother: I liked your old apartment at 24 Oak Street better.
Cheryl: That's because you live at 22 Oak Street.

Mother: Your old apartment has such a nice view.
Cheryl: The view here is nice too, Mom. The park is just across the street. And my office is around the corner. 

Mother: Nice refrigerator. It's very small, isn't it?
Cheryl: The refrigerator?

Mother: The kitchen.
Cheryl: It's a little small, but I like it. There's the dining room, the office, and the living room. 

Mother: The chairs are nice. I like the sofa. Why's the dresser in the living room?
Cheryl: There's no place else for it to go. 

Mother: But where are the other rooms, honey?
Cheryl: Mom, it's a studio apartment. There are no other rooms. 

Mother: This is it?
Cheryl: This is it!
Mother: But where's the bedroom?
Cheryl: Ta da!
Mother: I'm afraid to ask about the bathroom.
Cheryl: Oh, Mom! I think it's nice.