Sitcom: You're late. (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 5-1)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha / Pearson Education, INC   2010年7月26日
* social language: Talk about time; Invite someone to an event
* grammar: Prepositions of time; There is

# video script:
(In the café, Cheryl and Bob discuss their plans for Saturday night to celebrate Bob's birthday.)
Cheryl: You're late.
Bob: What time is it?
Cheryl: Two minutes after six.
Bob: I am not late. Two minutes is not late.
Cheryl: Yes, it is. It's two minutes late.
Bob: Oh, look! It's five to six. I'm early.
Cheryl: So for your birthday on Saturday, there's a great French movie at the Avalon. 
Bob: There's a baseball game on Saturday night.
Cheryl: Or there's a play at the Arts Center at 8:00 P.M. Life Is a Dream.
Bob: The Tigers are playing the Giants. You know, baseball?
Cheryl: Oh, look! There's a Mozart concert on Saturday. Would you like to go?
Bob: What time?
Cheryl: Half past seven.
Bob: The ball game's at 7:00.
Cheryl: Oh, wow! There's a talk by the writer Ellen Lee at the University on ...
Bob: On Saturday night. Is your birthday on Saturday?
Cheryl: No. It's your birthday. Would you like to go to a baseball game for your birthday?
Bob: A baseball game! That sounds great!