Sitcom: Tonight, I'm cooking. (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 10-1)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha / Pearson Education, INC 2010年10月28日
* social language: Discuss ingredients for a recipe
* grammar: Count and non-count nouns; Questions with How many; The simple present tense and the present continuous

# video script: 
(Cheryl, Marie, and Bob are in the kitchen, where Bob is making soup.)
Bob: Tonight, I'm cooking.
Cheryl: What are you making?
Bob: Bob's Famous Vegetable Soup. Do you have any vegetables?
Cheryl: I have some onions, tomatoes ...
Bob: How many tomatoes?
Cheryl: Two. I have some beans, some peas, one cabbage, and a potato.
Bob: Great
Cheryl: You want them all?
Bob: It's vegetable soup. Pass those bananas, please.
Marie: Bananas are fruit.
Bob: Yes.
Marie: You put bananas in your vegetable soup?!
Bob: Sounds good, doesn't it? Now do you have any sugar?
Cheryl: Yes.
Bob: And I need a lemon. Oh, and do you have any coffee?
Cheryl: Do you have a recipe for this?
Bob: Go watch TV, please.
(One hour later)
Bob: Come. Have a taste.
Cheryl: This is ... delicious! Bob, you're a great cook!
Marie: The coffee and bananas are great!