Sitcom: Nice to meet you. (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit1-1)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha / Pearson Education, INC  2010年7月25日
* social language: Greetings and introduction
* grammar: Verb be: singular and negative statements

# video script
(The staff of Top Notch Travel, a small travel agency, greets Mr. Rashid, a customer.)
Mr. Evans: Hi! Are you Mr. Rashid?
Mr. Rashid: Yes, I am.
Mr. Evans: It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm James Evans, president of Top Notch Travel.
Marie: Welcome to Top Notch. I'm Marie, the receptionist.
Mr. Rashid: Nice to meet you.
Paul: Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a tour guide.
Mr. Rashid: Glad to meet you.
Cheryl: Hi, I'm Cheryl.
Mr. Rashid: The office manager.
Cheryl: Yes!
Mr. Rashid: A pleasure.
Mr. Evans: Bob? Bob is ...
Mr. Rashid: A chef.
Mr. Evans: No, Bob is not a chef. Bob is a ... doctor? No, Bob is not a doctor. Bob is not a singer. He's not an architect. He's not an athlete ... Bob!
Bob: Hi ... I'm the mailman.
Mr. Evans: This is Bob. Bob is ...
Mr. Rashid: An actor!