(Top Notch 1, Unit 10-2)

source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC       2011年3月3日
* social language: Bargaining for lower price; Accept an offer
* grammar: Superlative adjectivesEnough

# video script
(After dinner, Paul and Marie argue about tipping.)
Paul: Thanks.
Marie: Thanks for dinner.
Paul: My pleasure. I saved a lot of money on the camera.
Marie: Should I leave the tip?
Paul: No, I'll put it on the credit card.
Marie: Five dollars? That's not enough.
Paul: Sure it is.
Marie: The bill was fifty dollars. That's only 10%!
Paul: So?
Marie: Didn't you like the food?
Paul: It was good.
Marie: Was there a problem with the service?
Paul: No.
Marie: Then you need to leave at least 15%.
Paul: No, I don't.
Marie: Paul, we come here all the time. The waitress gives us great service because we usually tip well.
Paul: I always leave 10%
Waitress: Have a nice evening.
Marie: We're not quite ready.
Waitress: No problem.
Paul: Look, I'm paying tonight, so I get to decide how much to tip.
Marie: Oh, all right. Hey, isn't that Mr. Evans over there?
Paul: Where?
Marie: Never mind. It's someone else. Shall we go?
Waitress: Thank you very much!
Paul: You're welcome.