(Top Notch 1, Unit 8-2)

source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC        2011年3月3日
* social language: Offer an alternative; Express likes and dislikes
* grammar: Comparative adjectivesObject pronouns
# click this line for grammar videos on modals: expressing preference

# video script
(Cheryl shows Bob the new clothes she got for him.)
Cheryl: So what are going to wear to the party tomorrow night?
Bob: A T-shirt and jeans.
Cheryl: A T-shirt and jeans? No way. You have to wear something nicer.
Bob: I don't have anything nicer.
Cheryl: You do now.
Bob: All that's for me?
Cheryl: What do you think of these?
Bob: Do you have anything looser?
Cheryl: Yep.
Bob: Too wild for me. Anything else?
Cheryl: Here you go. 
Bob: I don't' know. Those look pretty warm. Something cooler would be good.
Cheryl: Why don't we look at shirts?
Bob: Not bad. But it's pretty conservative, isn't it?
Cheryl: I love this one.
Bob: That doesn't look very comfortable.
Cheryl: Try this.
Bob: That looks at little cheap. Do you have anything more expensive?
Cheryl: That's it. I'm taking it all back to the store.
Bob: But what am I wearing tomorrow?
Cheryl: Just wear a T-shirt and jeans.