(Top Notch 1, Unit 9-2)

source: HoseoEnglish   2011年3月3日
* social language: Suggest alternatives; Book travel arrangements; Discuss plans
* grammar: Could / shouldBe going to for the future

# video script
(Paul describes his safari trip to Mrs. Beatty.)
Paul: Hello, Mrs. Beatty!
Mrs. Beatty: Why, hello, Paul.
Paul: Where are you traveling to now?
Cheryl: Mrs. Beatty is going on a safari in the Okavanga Delta in Botswana.
Paul: Nice. Are you flying in or are you taking the train-bus-boat-donkey route?
Mrs. Beatty: I'm going to be taking the donkey.
Paul: I did that once myself.
Cheryl: You did?
Mrs. Beatty: Was it very exciting?
Paul: Oh, it was. On the way there the plane had mechanical problems.
Mrs. Beatty: That sounds scary.
Paul: We got in late and I missed the train to Francistown, so I decided to take a bus. But I got on the local bus by mistake.
Mrs. Beatty: I don't like local buses.
Paul: Then the bus had an accident. So I rented a car, but it broke down.
Mrs. Beatty: Oh, dear!
Paul: I got to Gumare two days late. Then I got seasick on the boat to the island.
Mrs. Beatty: Oh, my! Did you have any problems with the donkey?
Paul: I got bumped from the donkey.
Mrs. Beatty: You mean they overbooked the donkey?
Paul: No. I mean the donkey bumped me off the road to the hotel. But it was a very exciting trip. You'll love Africa.
Cheryl: So. Any questions, Mrs. Beatty?
Mrs. Beatty: Just one. How much is a ticket to Paris?