Sitcom: Is that an express donkey? (Top Notch 1, Unit 9-1)

source: HoseoEnglish   2011年3月3日
* social language: Suggest alternatives; Book travel arrangements; Discuss plans
* grammar: Could / should; Be going to for the future

# video script
(In the office, Cheryl arranges a safari trip for Mrs. Beatty.)
Cheryl: So, Mrs. Beatty, we should talk abut your safari trip to Botswana.
Mrs. Beatty: I'm so excited! My first time in Africa!
Cheryl: You're going to be flying into Johannesburg, South Africa. Would you like a window or an aisle?
Mrs. Beatty: A window. I want to see everything!
Cheryl: In Johannesburg you should take a taxi or a limo to your hotel. The next day you could fly or you could take a train to Francistown in Botswana.
Mrs. Beatty: Is ti an express train?
Cheryl: Yes.
Mrs. Beatty: I'll take the train. I'd like to see the country.
Cheryl: Great. Then after you see Francistown, you can take a small plane or a bus to the Okavanga Delta.
Mrs. Beatty: How small is the airplane?
Cheryl: It's pretty small.
Mrs. Beatty: I'll take the bus. Is it an express bus?
Cheryl: I think so. When you get to Gumare, you're going to be taking a boat to your hotel.
Mrs. Beatty: A boat?
Cheryl: The hotel is on an island. When you get to the island, a man with a donkey can take your luggage to the hotel.
Mrs. Beatty: A donkey?
Cheryl: There are no cars on the island.
Mrs. Beatty: Is it an express donkey?
Cheryl: I think it's probably a local donkey. Of course, if you don't want the donkey, you could take a small plane--it goes straight to the hotel.
Mrs. Beatty: I think I should take the donkey. Donkeys never have mechanical problems, right?
Cheryl: Right.