Sitcom: What's in the salad? (Top Notch 1, Unit 4-1)

source: source: HoseoEnglish      2011年3月3日
* social language: State preferences in food; Give advice; Order a meal; Ask for the check
* grammar: Count and non-count nouns; Definite and indefinite articles

# video script
(Bob, Marie, Cheryl' and Paul order dinner in the café.)
Waitress: Are you ready to order?
Bob: We are.
Cheryl: Excuse me, I have a question.
Waitress: Yes?
Cheryl: I'm in the mood for lamb, but the sauce looks too fatty. Could I order the lamb without the sauce?
Waitress: Sure.
Cheryl: What does it come with?
Waitress: French fries.
Cheryl: I don't like fried food. Could I have a grilled vegetable instead?
Waitress: I think we have grilled peppers.
Cheryl: Perfect.
Waitress: Would you like to start with an appetizer?
Cheryl: Is there oil on the tomato salad?
Waitress: There's a lot of olive oil, yes.
Cheryl: Could I get it without the oil?
Waitress: Mmm ... hmm. But it won't taste very good.
Cheryl: Then I'll just have a mixed green salad.
Waitress: (to Marie) And you?
Cheryl: I'm sorry, I have another question. Is there salt on the lamb?
Waitress: It's cooked with salt and pepper, yes.
Cheryl: I don't want a lot of salt. I think I'll have the fish instead. What's in the sauce?
Waitress: Lemon, butter, milk ...
Cheryl: Oh, that's too much dairy. Maybe I'll have a large salad for my entrée and no appetizer. What's in the salad?
Waitress: Lettuce, carrots, peppers, onions, egg ...
Cheryl: No egg, please.
Waitress: Salad. No egg. Anything to drink?
Cheryl: Just water, please.
Waitress: (to Marie) And for you?
Marie: I'll have the special.
Bob: The special.
Paul: The special.
Waitress: Great.
Cheryl: Could I ask you another question?
Bob, Marie, Paul: No!