Talking about food (Top Notch 1, Unit 4-2)

source: source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC     2011年3月3日
* social language: State preferences in food; Give advice; Order a meal; Ask for the check
* grammar: Count and non-count nounsDefinite and indefinite articles

# video script
(After dinner, Cheryl, Paul and Marie discuss healthy diets while Bob tries to get the check.)
Paul: This is delicious!
Marie: Amazing!
Bob: Cheryl, don't you want to try it?
Cheryl: No, thanks. Too many calories. And we need to go.
Bob: I'll ask for the check.
Marie: I love dessert!
Cheryl: Do you know how many calories are in that cake?
Marie: No. And don't tell me.
Cheryl: Or how much fat was in your steak and your fried shrimp? Or how much salt was on your french fries?
Paul: Do you want us to just eat raw vegetables?
Cheryl: Vegetables are good. Or how about smaller portions? And no dessert?
Marie: No dessert?! 
Cheryl: You need to take care of your body! Eat healthy food--have vegetables for snacks instead of potato chips and cookies
Paul: You're right. Tomorrow, I'm eating lots of vegetables.
Cheryl: Really?
Paul: For snacks. And I'm having potato chips, cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Cheryl: You're terrible. (to Bob) What are you doing?
Bob: I'm trying to get the check! Finally. (to Marie) Do you want that?