Sitcom: Where are the ticket? (Top Notch 1, Unit 5-1)

source: source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC     2011年3月3日
* social language: Express frustration; Making suggestions
* grammar: The present continuous for actions in progress and in the future
# relevant grammar videos: modals: making suggestions and giving advice

# video script
(In the office, Bob, Marie, and Cheryl wait impatiently for a slow printer to print out tickets.)
Bob: Where are the tickets?
Marie: They're printing. OK?
Bob: Mr. Evans need them right now! The client is coming in five minutes! 
Marie: This printer is driving me crazy. It's so slow.
Bob: Try blowing on it.
Marie: What? Really?
Bob: Try it. Now tap the sides. Just try it. Now rub this side gently.
Marie: Does this really work?
Cheryl: Where are the tickets?
Bob: They're printing. OK? 
Cheryl: Mr. Evans needs them now! The client is coming in four minutes!
Bob: Easy there, Jackie Chan.
Marie: We need a new printer. Aren't we getting a new printer?
Cheryl: You're buying the new printer, aren't you?
Bob: This is the new printer.
Cheryl: This piece of junk is new?
Bob: Well ... It's new ... to us.
Cheryle: This is an old printer?
Bob: Just a little old.
Marie: What kind is it? Is it a CompRight? Mr. Evans says always buy a CompRight.
Bob: It's a Print-OK.
Marie: A Print-OK?! What's a Print-OK?! (to Cheryl) Do you know that brand?
Bob: It's a good brand and very ... inexpensive.
Cheryl: We need the tickets now. Do something!