Sitcom: How was your vacation? (Top Notch 1, Unit 7-1)

source: HoseoEnglish   2011年3月3日
* social language: Describe a vacation; Report travel problems
* grammar: The past tense of be; The simple past tense

# video script
(In the office, Mr. Rashid describes a recent vacation to Marie.)
Marie: Hello, Mr. Rashid!
Mr. Rashid: Hi! How are you?
Marie: Fine, thank you. How was your vacation?
Mr. Rashid: It was wonderful!
Marie: I'm so happy to hear that. Was your flight OK?
Mr. Rashid: No, pretty bad, actually. It was so bumpy. It was very scary.
Marie: That;s too bad. Did you have nice weather after you arrived?
Mr. Rashid: No, the weather was terrible. Very rainy. I actually never saw the sun.
Marie: That's awful! So what did you do?
Mr. Rashid: I stayed inside the hotel.
Marie: Was the hotel room nice?
Mr. Rashid: The room was fine, but it was right next to the café, and the music was very loud. I didn't sleep much.
Marie: I'll bet the food was great.
Mr. Rashid: No. It was too salty for me, and the waiters were very unfriendly.
Marie: Did you go shopping at all?
Mr. Rashid: A little bit--until someone stole my wallet. After that I stayed in the hotel and read a book.
Marie: Was the flight home OK?
Mr. Rashid: Actually, they canceled my flight. I had to stay for two more days.
Marie: That's terrible! But Mr. Rashid, you said that your vacation was wonderful.
Mr. Rashid: Ah! Yes, I did. And it was wonderful. I met a very nice person--a woman actually. Her name is Basma. She's from Lebanon, just like me, but she lives here. I'm seeing her tonight. So, yes, it was a wonderful vacation.
Marie: That's great, Mr. Rashid.