(Top Notch 1, Unit 5-2)

source: source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC     2011年3月3日
* social language: Express frustration; Making suggestions
* grammar: The present continuous for actions in progress and in the future
# relevant grammar videos: modals: making suggestions and giving advice

# video script
(Paul enters the office and tries to help with the printer.)
Paul: Where are the tickets?
Cheryl: They're printing. OK?
Paul: The client is coming up in one minute.
Cheryl: The printer's a little slow today.
Paul: Can I help?
Cheryl: Stop!
Paul: What?
Cheryl: Don't come near this printer.
Paul: What's the problem?
Bob: You know machines don't work when you're around.
Paul: That's not true.
Cheryl: Is your laptop working?
Paul: No, it won't turn on.
Cheryl: Is your cell phone working?
Paul: No, it's a lemon. 
Cheryl: Is your PDA working?
Paul No, but ...
Cheryl: Stay away!
Paul: Come on!
Cheryl: Paul. We need these tickets right away. We're printing the last ticket. Please. Do not come near this printer.
Paul: The printer won't stop working just because ...
Cheryl & Bob: Argh!
Paul: What?!
Mr. Evans: The client is here! Where are the tickets?
Cheryl: Right here, sir.
Mr. Evans: Thank you. There are only nine. Where's the last one?
Bob: Right here, sir.
Mr. Evans: Thank you. What?
Cheryl: The printer isn't working.
Paul: What?!
Mr. Evans: Go across the hall to Mr. Lee's office. Ask to print one ticket on his printer. (to Paul) Not you. You're sitting here until all the tickets are printed.