Interview: Do you eat healthy foods? (Top Notch 1, Unit 4-3)

source: source: HoseoEnglish   2011年3月3日
* social language: State preferences in food; Give advice; Order a meal; Ask for the check
* grammar: Count and non-count nounsDefinite and indefinite articles

# video script
Interviewer: In your opinion, what is healthy food?
Jessica: I think like a lot of green things like salad and vegetables and fruits are very healthy.
Interviewer: What foods would you consider unhealthy?
Maiko: Um ... Those fast foods, potato chips, um ... sodas.
Interviewer: So do you try to eat healthy foods?
Lorayn: I try to eat healthy foods, yes. I don't always succeed, but I try and eat healthy foods. 
Interviewer: What's an ideal diet in your opinion?
Cortyan: Well, I would say like, potato,* vegetables, chicken.
Interviewer: So, for example, what might you recommend for a good breakfast?
Matt: A good breakfast would probably be ... an egg, no butter, a little salt and pepper, and maybe a piece of white toast ... wheat toast, excuse me. 
Interviewer: So, for example, for dinner tonight, what are you thinking about for dinner tonight?
Cortyan: OK, I may do a chicken, broccoli, maybe stir-fry, which consists of a lot of vegetables like broccoli, carrot, pepper, bean,** string beans--those are the things that I love to cook.
Interviewer: How about spicy foods? Are spicy foods OK to eat?
Matt: Yes. I'm not a big fan of spicy foods, but I think they're OK to eat.
Interviewer: How about sweet foods?
Jessica: Sweet foods? You can eat sweet foods if you don't eat too much.***

* should be "potatoes"
** should be "carrots, peppers, and beans"
*** should be "many"