Interview: Do you like to exercise? (Top Notch 1, Unit 6-3)

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* social language: Describe routines; Suggest an activity; Provide an excuse
* grammar: Can / have toThe simple present tense and the present continuousFrequency adverbsTime expression

# video script
Interviewer: Are you an exercise fan?
Rob: Yes. I love to run. I run in the morning before I work, and I run on Saturdays and Sundays along the river and through the park.
Interviewer: Are you a fan of exercise?
Martin: Not really.
Interviewer: So Rita, would you consider yourself a couch potato?
Rita: No, I'm not a couch potato. Absolutely not. I just ... I hate to exercise.
Interviewer: So do you actually have a routine that you follow?
Herb: Every day, yes. We go out ... I go to the park and meet people who are in my age group. They are eighty, sixty, seventy. We have quite a number of eighties and one ninety-year-old. And we either walk or we run for about three and a half miles.
Blanche: And I go to the park when I'm not ... no, three days a week I go to the pool and walk in the water, and the rest of the time I go to the park and walk.
Interviewer: How often do you do Tai Chi?
Martin: About once a week.
Interviewer: So do you feel exercise is important?
Martin: Yes, I think it's important.
Interviewer: But not enough to do it more often than once a week?
Martin: Well, to be honest, I'm very lazy. That's why. I wish I could do more exercise. Maybe I should, starting from today.