Interview: Are you a frequent flyer? (Unit 9-3)

source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC      2011年3月3日
* social language: Suggest alternatives; Book travel arrangements; Discuss plans
* grammar: Could / shouldBe going to for the future

# video script
Interviewer: Do you fly frequently?
Lisa: Yes, I fly maybe twice a month.
Interviewer: Do you fly frequently?
San: I do, yes. I travel a lot with my job, so I'm always on an airplane. 
Interviewer: What kind of a seat do you request when you fly?
Christiane: I always want to sit at the aisle, so I can stretch my legs.
Joe: I prefer to sit in the back of the plane in a window seat.
Lisa: I always get a window seat.
Interviewer: Why?
Lisa: I like to sleep, and I need something to lean up against.
Interviewer: So, have you had any problems with traveling in terms of delayed flights? Missing flights? Anything like that? 
San: Yes, I have. I've missed a flight. Flights have been canceled. They've been delayed. I've had to either go home, or if it's in a city that ... where I'm not form, I've had to get a hotel.
Interviewer: So could you tell me your worst airplane travel nightmare?
Christiane: Yes. When I had to fly from Austria to America, I got stuck in London airport* and had to wait ten hours for a flight that got postponed--first canceled then postponed. And all the stores were closed, and all we could do was just sleep on benches and on the floor and try to find food. That was not very good, so it was not a good experience.
Interviewer: That sounds awful.
Christiane: Yes, it was awful.

* should be "at the London airport"