Sitcom: How much do you want? (Unit 10-1)

source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC      2011年3月3日
* social language: Bargaining for lower price; Accept an offer
* grammar: Superlative adjectives; Enough

# video script
(Marie and Paul are having dinner in the café when Bob walks in with a digital camera that he wants to sell. Paul bargains with Bob for the camera.)
Marie: Hey, here comes Bob.
Paul: Yeah. He wants to sell me his digital camera.
Bob: Hi. How was dinner?
Marie: Great. What do you have there?
Bob: The best digital camera money can buy.
Marie: Paul, that's the same camera you looked ...
Paul: Why are you selling it? 
Bob: I have two. Cheryl gave me another one for my birthday.
Paul: It's not bad. How much do you ant?
Bob: Two hundred and fifty dollars.
Marie: Wow! That's a great ...
Paul: That's more than I want to pay.
Marie: But that's less than ...
Paul: I can give you $200 for it.
Bob: No. I need at least $245.
Paul: Sorry, all I have is $210.
Marie: There's an ATM right ...
Bob: I could go as low as $230. but that's it.
Paul: Sorry. Thanks anyway.
Bob: All right. I'll sell it to somebody else.
Marie: What are you doing? You almost bought that camera yesterday for three hundred dollars!
Paul: You don't know how to bargain, do you?
Marie: Bargain? Of course I know how to bargain. You don's know how to bargain. You could buy that camera for two hundred and thirty dollars, but now it's gone!
Bob: All right. You can have it for $225.
Paul: $220.
Bob: $224.
Paul: $221.
Bob: $223.
Paul: $222. Not a dollar more.
Bob: I'm not selling this for less than two hundred and twenty-three dollars.
Marie: Here! Her's one dollar! Now you both get what you want.
Paul: It's a deal! I'll get some money from the ATM. 
Bob: Great!
Paul: You said I don't know how to bargain.