Interview: How are you alike? (Top Notch 1, Unit 3-3)

source: source: HoseoEnglish / Pearson Education, INC     2011年3月3日
* social language: Discuss families; Describe people
* grammar: The simple present tenseComparisons

# video script
Interviewer: How would you compare yourself with your sister? How are you alike and how are you different? For example, do you like the same kind of music or the same kind of foods?
Chris: Well, we do look alike, but apart from that we're very different. She likes the arts, and I'm more interested in sports.
Deepti: Well, I would say, first of all, that my sister is much better with money than I am. Um ... She, you know, she can save whereas I like to spend.
Angelique: Me and my brother* are quite different. I'm much more talkative and he's much more shy. But other than that, I mean, we grew up in the same house, so we love the same food and we listen to the same music pretty much, and we like the same movies. Whenever I go back home, I always watch movies with him and stuff so ...
Interviewer: In general, which do you think is better--a small family or a large family?
Stephan: Speaking from personal experience, I would prefer to have a small family like I do. I feel that parents have more time to spend with their children. There's more funds* for each child. At the same time I can see how a large family could be fun, having a lot of brothers and sisters and large family occasions.
Interviewer: So what are the disadvantages of a big family?
Vanessa: Um ... It's very hectic. It's very noisy. It's like a train station--there's always people* going in and out. So you can never have time alone, and, you know, when I do what time alone, I'll have to go out, out of the house to jog, do something. So it's very, very crowded, noisy, in and out.

* me and my brother (informal) => my brother and I (formal/grammatically correct)
* should be "There are more funds" 
* should be "there are always people..."